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nah. like crystal reed has those stressed out looking eyes and wow. im still sorry if i came on the wrong way. didnt mean to

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lo lwtf nah calm down i like really ur eyes tho. my bad for comin off hella sus

lmao dude stfu you said i looked worn out if thats not a backhanded compliment idk what is 

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hi do you have monolids if so how do you do your makeup

no obviously not sorry can’t help go watch tutorials on YouTube


You're a cutie. *_*

see u in da pit


Hehe.. I'm going to take your eyes in ur sleep..... I'm going to be on the edge of your bed watching u... And I'm going to pull you by your feet... Drag you under the be

you need help 

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maybe idk u tell me

w/e dude fuck off i dont like people who put insults into compliments thas sus af stay away from me